Complete multi-degree of freedom implementation, delicate movement in narrow space
Complete multi-degree of freedom implementation, delicate movement in narrow space
The double-joint structure of the end-effector allow the instrument to move with 360° degrees of freedom enabling various angle approach to the surgical site. It provides increased number of degrees of freedom that mimic many of the function of the human hand and in some instance, improve on those functions.
Various line-up
Various line-up
ArtiSential comes with complete line-up of instruments such a Bipolar Forceps, Needle Holders, Clip Appliers, Monopolar Hooks, Mono and Bipolar Dissectors, Monopolar Scissors, etc.…
All ArtiSential instruments feature adjustable finger control rings and are available with 8mm shaft and 25cm, 38cm and 45cm lengths and NEW 5mm shaft and 30cm and 38cm lengths.
Intuitive Control
Intuitive Control
ArtiSential provides intuitive, highly flexible articulating performance not available whit conventional instruments. The movement of the end-effector joints matching with user’s fingers and wrist movements enables intuitive manipulations and secures high control performance over the instrument.
Replacement of existing Instruments, Pioneering new surgical procedure
Replacement of existing Instruments, Pioneering new surgical procedure
ArtiSential can be used in existing surgical environment without any additional device, system of footprint. Advantages provided by ArtiSential can lead to immediate additional capabilities and growth of laparoscopic surgery as well as establishment of a new surgical procedure.


Graspers and Dissectors

Bipolar Fenestrated Grasper 8mm

Fenestrated Grasper 5mm

Bipolar Maryland Dissector 8mm

Maryland Dissector 5mm

Bipolar Precise Dissector 8mm

Precise Dissector 5mm

Bipolar Blunt Tip Dissector 8mm

Clinch Forceps 5mm

Needle Holders and Clip Appliers

Needle Holder 8mm

Needle Holder 5mm

Precise Needle Holder 8mm

Precise Needle Holder 5mm

Clip Applier Medium/Large 8mm

Monopolar Instruments

Monopolar Hooks 8mm

Monopolar Spatula 8mm

Monopolar Curved Scissors 8mm


The video library, functional in the learning and training process,
is aimed at enhancing the characteristics, itself intuitive, of the ArtiSential instruments


Thoracic Surgery: VATS procedure

General Surgery


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